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No One Is Watching TV Anymore

Zero-rated? The rise and rise of TV that absolutely no one is watching

How many people are actually tuning in to Forces TV? Or Piers Morgan? In our jam-packed era of streaming, TV with no viewers is increasingly common. Here’s why...

There are several possible reactions to the news that the newly launched talkTV registered zero viewers during primetime broadcasts. One is to politely note that a new television station – especially one competing in an already saturated market – will take a little time to find its identity. Another is to realise that life is far too short and precious to spend your evenings watching Piers Morgan whip himself into a wet dribble of performative outrage over something he only slightly believes in. Both reactions are valid. I prefer the latter.

What’s fascinating about talkTV’s failure to set the world on fire is how blase Morgan is about it. “Linear TV increasingly irrelevant to total eyeball potential for a global show like this, especially with younger viewers who don’t really watch TV any more,” he tweeted last week; a statement in stark contrast to the compulsive willy-waving competition he had with Dan Walker over Good Morning Britain’s ratings. Read the rest at: Zero-rated? The rise and rise of TV that absolutely no one is watching | Television | The Guardian

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