Brookside: My Thoughts

I absolutely loved Brookie between 1992 to 1995 but as has already been said, after the Jordache family left the show went absolutely nuts. I think your favourite TV show going down the gurgler has to be one of the most traumatic life experiences you can ever live through - a joke by the way but an issue a TV soap has yet to tackle. I clung on like a loyal barnacle for a few years, living through the mess that was the Simpsons plot - I remember it starting with mum Bel having been done for sexually harassing a work colleague but this was suddenly dropped - but my main reaction to all the sensationalist drama the show churned out was being bored rigid. Everything seemed so contrived after the natural psychological development of the Jordache plot, which worked because you cared about the characters. I also remember the standard of acting seemed to dramatically drop after years of great characters such as Patricia Farnham, Beth and Mandy Jordache and Peter Harrison. There was a girl called Katrina in it in the late 90's who couldn't act for toffee! It seemed everything that had made the show so great and iconic was jettisoned in the desperate chase for ratings and the once amazing, ground-breaking gritty drama serial became just another schedule filling soap. And in the last few years I remember they seemed to keep blowing everything up in a desperate attempt to keep viewers watching. The parade exploded several times, the god awful Millennium Club (which took forever to be built and kept changing location if I remember) was blown up on its opening night, and a helicopter crashed into the petrol station towards the end. But the final straw for me and my sanity was when they made Jackie Corkhill into a lesbian, sleeping with Lindsey's girlfriend and waking up in bed still wearing her dressing gown. It was like a comedy, I couldn't believe they were playing it for real! That was the final straw and I switched off, tuning in occasionally but actually celebrating when Brookie was finally put out of its misery in 2003. For me the great show that was Brookside died at the end of 1995 when Mandy Jordache said goodbye to Brookside Close. No other plot or characters after then came close to the brilliance that had preceded it. To me personally Brookside is the best soap there has ever been and the 'Body Under The Patio' saga was the best plot I have ever seen on TV. But the show had to die to put us loyal fans out of our misery.

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