Help your family and friends save money with their Internet marketing spend and profit from our generous referral scheme 







We are willing to pay a generous 5% commission fee to anyone who recommends our services to a lead who converts into a paying customer.


And as soon as we get paid by them, we’ll pay 5% of their first order total directly into your bank account.


The cash benefits can be considerable. By simply having a 1 minute conversation you can earn:


* 5% of £665.00 order (3 Video ads) = £33.25 payout

* 5% of £235.00 order (1 Video ad) = £11.75 payout


Remember, we offer a completely free, no obligation to buy real-time ad ranking demonstration in advance of purchase so all your referrals will know exactly what they are paying for before they buy.


And we don’t tie anyone into monthly contracts so there’s an easy get out if any of our micro ads stop working for them.


To become a referrer, simply complete and return the below application form. Once received, we'll get you set up to start receiving your commission payments immediately.


Make sure you get your referrals consent for us to contact them before you email us their details using the form below.


You’ve seen how impressive our targeted micro video ads are. Why not spread the word and benefit financially with our Touchlife Productions Ltd client referral scheme.


Micro Ad Client Referral Form

We’ll contact them arranging a free demonstration, and if they buy from us we’ll pay you your commission fee as soon as they pay us. It's that simple.


If you’ve any questions about our referral scheme, please email us. We look forward to hearing from you soon. 

Referral Scheme Application Form *

Refer your friends and family and benefit financially
Using our targeted video micro ads, you can improve your websites Google ranking and save money at the same time 

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