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E-Drama will be a pioneering audience interactive community building TV soap opera. It will redefine Social TV for the 21st century.


Viewers will be able to suggest the storylines - shaping the drama they watch - and train to star in the show. It's app based drama training and franchised training workshops will disrupt the drama training landscape. Visit

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Poor well-being and mental health are 21st century 1st world problems. Globally, an estimated 300 million people are affected by depression.


Touchlife Productions Ltd produces a monthly 'How To Get Happy' livestreamed show, providing tangible solutions to help people manage their mental health. To participate, go here.



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Between 2002 and 2009, Touchlife Productions Ltd created the ultimate community cohesion project: Chalkhill Lives. It became the world's first community produced Television and Internet soap opera, broadcasting on the BBC's Community Channel. Receiving rave reviews in the national press, it became their highest rating show.


Find out about it here.

"The only thing we are truly afraid of is ourselves."


A pioneering audience interactive serial about students living at University. Combining the sexual high-jinks of Geordie Shore, the cabin fever of Big Brother, and the uncompromising social realism of Brookside, 'Scars' will dramatize young characters being forced to confront their authentic selves, learning to love and accept who they truly are.

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'Collective' PILOT TV SHOWS


Producing and presenting a number of experimental audience interactive livestream shows for The Collective Old Oak and Canary Wharf co-living communities.

Concepts range from info-tainment to quiz shows. Trials demonstrate over 50% of residents actively engage with shows featuring significant audience participation. And market the shows via word of mouth.

Filming Chalkhill
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