Touchlife Productions Ltd offers a number of low cost packages to help broadcast your business to the world over YouTube



Do you record loads of business related videos on your phone or camera but don’t do anything with them? Let us package your footage into a professional product - adding graphics, music and a voiceover - uploading it to your own created YouTube channel so you can start broadcasting your business to the world.


Historically to produce a script, hire a director and send a camera crew out to film your business before editing, enhancing and packaging the footage ready for broadcast would cost thousands. Putting it out the league of most small business owners.

But with today's smartphones and camcorders recording such high quality video footage, business owners can now record footage about their businesses, before sending it to us from their phone or pc - via free digital transfer - to professionally edit, enhance, and upload to your own created YouTube channel, broadcasting it to the world.


And don't worry if you don't know how to frame and shoot basic video. Once you've signed up to one of our annual packages - paying either a monthly or annual fee - we'll send you regular training videos guiding you through the video making process so you'll know exactly how to shoot semi professional video footage ready for global broadcast.

And once the video footage is online, at additional cost we can make it work for you in numerous ways. We can embed your videos onto your website, add them to your Facebook page, and email and text hyperlinks to your customers phones to make sure they don’t miss your video content. And we can monitor how many people view the links to track your return on investment.


Suddenly your business marketing will come alive using the power of video


All businesses receive the following as part of our service:

* Set up of your own unique YouTube channel

* Creation of all YouTube channel graphics

* Search Engine Optimisation (so customers can easily find your videos online) 

* The editing, enhancement, encoding and uploading of your self recorded video material (maximum monthly video length determined by package offering) showcasing your distinctive business character, services and products





For £250.00 a month or £2,750.00 (prices excluding VAT) a year we can:
* Edit for YouTube broadcast 15 minutes of received

   client video per month 
* Write a script, record & add a voiceover narration

* Add background music 
* Add animated and text graphics and titles

 * Enhanced graphics may come at additional cost  
* Add colour grading 
* Add sound enhancement 
* Upload the complete edited footage to your YouTube channel


For £195.00 a month or £2,145.00 (prices excluding VAT) a year we can:
* Edit for YouTube broadcast 10 minutes of received client video per month 
* Add background music

* Add basic text graphics and titles 
* Add colour grading 
* Add sound enhancement 
* Upload the complete edited footage onto your
YouTube channel  


For £95.00 a month or £1,045.00 a year (prices excluding VAT) we can:

* Edit for YouTube broadcast 5 minutes of received client video per month 
* Add basic titles

* Add colour grading 
* Add sound enhancement 
* Upload the complete edited footage onto your
YouTube channel


* A minimum contract of 12 months exists. Customers can pay either monthly or annually

We can also create bespoke packages to suit your particular needs

And inquire about our Consultation Service to plan your YouTube strategy


Contact us today at expressing your interest and we'll call you back to discuss the best way of applying a YouTube channel to your business

Take advantage of what the Internet has to offer and start broadcasting your business news, services and special offers to the world via your own business YouTube channel

A sample of our Premium Package deal

Chalkhill YouTube channel.PNG
Contact us now to promote your business to the world with your own YouTube channel
"With Internet video, you can convey the passion, personality and distinctiveness of your business to customers on a global scale simply by sending them a hyperlink"

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